fear in the cold and damp

“…hard buildings…depend on the life that people and their ephemera bring with them.”

“..it is more of an architectural essential yet they are half made and half deteriorating.”

Simon Hunley, The Architecture of Parking, 2007.

“..it is in that split second that we begin to dwell in the space and experience such sensations as fear in the cold and damp.” On the transition from one’s car to the street, an inherently transient experience, but wholly unavoidable.

“The disorienting nature of repetition suggests the notion that we are confronted with a labyrinth.” On the nature of continuous surface parking garages and repeating homogenous decking and structure.

Design sketches to follow when the computer lab decides to be stop being mysteriously closed.

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One Response to fear in the cold and damp

  1. jason v-b says:

    mb – now that this seems to have become a structure bored into the square in front of the plaza hotel . . . have you seen the kola superdeep borehole in russia? jv-b

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