dark basement of imagination

design sketches.  parking garage first.  feral-izing devices later.  site seems to have remained at grand army plaza.  no reason why as of yet.  considering the garage to be for zip car parking or taxis.  something nice about their ephemeral ownership/occupancy.

section.  underground too ordered? methinks yes.

determined continuous surface method for parking is best due to site size limitations.

grand army plaza – 254′ x 151′  [physical model underway.]

discussion with elliott:  parking garage seems a bit overwrought.  does one simply construct a minimal armature, and then allow the feral-izing devices to act out upon the structure?  or, as the end narrative is being designed [written], does one design with the end in sight, ie. provide niches and corners and protrusions for the devices to grip, break, grow with, mine from, or embed into?  what happens when the devices are of a more abstract nature [a la cj lim], or operate on/with the occupant, rather than the structure itself?

a chicken or the egg problem, i suppose.

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One Response to dark basement of imagination

  1. jason v-b says:

    there is something interesting about the formulation of the posh plaza hotel, the zip-car (practical because of hotel tourist scenario but anonymous and ephemeral as you say). also, does the whole handsome cab horse-keeping that centered around there help with the animal aspects?

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