through the veneer of reason

over at boiteaoutils, we see a fascinating symposium on jg ballard and his tangential influence on architecture.  reposted the two that seem to be the most relevant for us here, but they’re all worth watching.  except for #10.  that one was just bad.

Ballardian Architecture 7 – Chris Hall from static tv on Vimeo.

Chris Hall, journalist and writer, analyses architectural aspects of Ballard’s short story ‘The Terminal Beach’.  Hall quoting Ballard, “An over-designed environment is one that thinks for us; its only when we encounter under-imagined or liminal spaces that we are forced to confront ourselves, to think for ourselves.”  Indeed.

Ballardian Architecture 8 – Joanne Murray from static tv on Vimeo.

Joanne Murray, lecturer and Birkbeck PhD candidate, discusses formal characteristics of Ballard’s art and writing in relation to New Brutalist architecture.  Says Ms. Murray, “The Smithsons had an insistence on the art of inhabitation…the emphasis is placed on the inhabitant of the building to create meaning or complete the design.”

Thanks [?] Leopold.

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