the freewheeling david sellers

Progressive Architecture put it in May 1966: “Are you ready? Two lumbering mountaineers just out of Yale Architecture have a project going called Prickly Mountain…and they’re putting down the Establishment by acting as entrepreneur, land speculator, and contractor and craftsman as well as architects, and doing the whole blooming thing themselves. It’s architectural blastoff.”  On David Sellers’ architecture.  Warren, VT.

Architectural Improvisation:

“The walls went down to the ground.  There was just dirt and rocks and scaffolding.  And I couldn’t figure out what it was going to be like.  Pinhead thought this was really cool and he came up with this theory that the longer you wait, the higher the probability of creativity…The longer you stay unresolved.  He held classes on irresolution and helping people to live with [ambiguity], but still being able to proceed and move forward.  This house is a good test of that.”  David Sellers, 1998.

“The best part of the building isn’t always available to be known before you are making it.  So if you are working toward something, you always sense that final move hasn’t been done yet.  Otherwise it’s boring.  If everything you already know is already known, there is no point in doing it.”

“That’s why completing the square [is a useful symbol].  As soon as you complete the square when you draw a diagram, the square is dead.  So what you do is you go all the way around and you don’t really complete the square, you leave the observer to complete the square.”

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One Response to the freewheeling david sellers

  1. Kelsie Greer says:

    Hello. I am a graduate student working on Prickly Mountain and was wondering if you have a source that you might share for the quotes that you have above. Thanks!

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