narrative whisperings

More sketches.  Incorporated into the design – aviary at upper observation deck / service shed at upper parking level.  Introducing psuedo-parametricism after reading a bit of JVB’s Strangeness and Agency: Mathematics Against Convention.  Collection of subnatural materials produced by program elements.

Parking Garage -> CO2 collection [used as oxidizing agent on metal cladding?]

Aviary -> Dropping collection [potential use as quasi-concrete?]

Observation Deck -> Garbage collection [perhaps there’s a tool provided that gets discarded after observing?]

Service Shed -> Spent motor oil [use as fertilizer?]

Narrative is floating around the corners of our brains.  We intend to situate the idiosyncrasies of the project within larger narrative framework for the final production. Does this take the format of story boards, museum catalogue, future history book, discarded magazine feature – we’re not sure yet…

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