hag-ridden with myopia, apathy, and complacence

Translating sketches into computer model [which we are perpetually losing the most recent saved copies of…ugh.]  This is the facade that faces the Apple Store.  Its taking some time…. but we like it.

most of the time.

An explanation for why it looks so…lumpy : basically the more intersections, joints, or moments of differentiation, there will be more moments of breakage, growth, decay, puddles, moss, etc.

Also, some discussion [excerpts {because we’ve already forgotten parts of it (sorry..)}] with Elliott:

Narrative [] How many points of view are we seeing this from?  At what point [or points] in the building’s life are we experiencing it? Is our current character [Eli] too much of a straw man?  We like the idea of the character experiencing the actual degradation of the building in an immediate sense.  We’ll see how that plays out.

Abstraction [] Similar to the projects in our much-thumbed book, Subnature, will this begin to abstract “the rat,” or will it remain as some very literal presence?  Considering the process has mostly been – begin with a logic that leads to something illogical – we think that “the rat” will occupy both literal and abstract presences.  This translates a bit into our belief in the expression of structure/technology/joints in severe ways – to really make them pop.  A sort of ‘brutally honest’ architecture.  You know, Brutalist.

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