every object is gray and projects grayness.

A quick trifecta of influences.

First, a podcast of a talk entitled “Design for the Dark Side” [!]  From the South by Southwest website “Design usually focuses on making the world around us better – optimism often rules the roost in our industry. But what might happen if we forced ourselves to design for a catastrophic or dystopian future? Can we learn something by designing for a darker side of human experience?”

Liam Young from Tomorrows Thoughts Today has an absolutely on point segment in the middle of the podcast, that is exactly what we’re talking about.  Glad to see the dark side lives elsewhere.  Anybody want to get to work on transcribing that whole thing?  We need interns…

Above is Mas Yendo.

“The towering tentacles of the metropolis spit steam into the sky. Its labyrinthine, steel filaments mesh together like roots of an overgrown tree. Back alleys made of refuse; clusters of deteriorated steel boxes, assembled from industrial parts. The streetlights reveal wretched, left-over spaces. Mechanical elements bulge from decrepit structures. Naked pipes wrap around each other in bondage. Loose wires, rusted steel panels, chipped paint, and layered walls capture the essence of the city.”

And finally there is Eduardo McIntosh.  “Should our profession help make the journey though the cages more comfortable? or should it show us the tortuous way out into the desert of the real?”

We think we know the answer to that.

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