extracurricular activities of a more malevolent nature.

‘Homo sapiens is a reformed hunter-killer of depraved appetites, which once helped him to survive. He was partly rehabilitated in an open prison called the first agricultural societies, and now finds himself on parole in the polite suburbs of the city state. The deviant impulses coded into his central nervous system have been switched off. He can no longer harm himself or anyone else. But nature sensibly endowed him with a taste for cruelty and an intense curiosity about pain and death. Without them, he’s trapped in the afternoon shopping malls of a limitless mediocrity. We need to revive him, give him back the killing eye and the dreams of death. Together they helped him to dominate this planet.’  JG Ballard, Super-Cannes.

We’re going to go ahead and say it although we might take it back later:  That might be going a little too far, Ballard.  But thanks anyway.

Photographs [and model!] are by Nicolas Cobb and were found here.

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