critical commentary


Notes taken by JVB:

-not free – or it will mistake “feral” for a romantic liberal, [unreadable] project

-and don’t say that the “FERAL” has no stake in an economy.

-ruin is not feral, decay is not feral

-what is FERALITY of use

-FERAL is not out of neglect but is an active force

-mine the IBM system even more to find how smart is not smart enough.


Notes taken by Elliott:

-does the feral have a stake in the economic system

-does the entire system undergo transformation, or which devices/ elements go feral within the system

-is the narrative getting in the way… worried a bit about the sci-fi-ness

-IBM labs, maybe you need more of this precise stuff, the negotiations that program requires [still within IBM order?]

-what made them cultivated and what within them has impulse to be wild? these things operate by their own order, emerged from a domestic exterior

-define feral, a more articulated program

-ruin + feral not the same;

-something that gets expressed, something that was previously hidden, layered,

-recognizably coming from somewhere;

-nested order, rather than disorder

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