and thus in nineveh

# Master’s Thesis Final Presentation #

# Feral Garage: A Wilderness of Deviant Technologies. #

This thesis is an exploration of the feral potential within architecture. The intention is to liberate the discourse of architecture from the limits of the rational and positivistic into a wilderness of possibility. This is to be achieved through the exaltation of the “humble and dirty little corners” of architecture that may serve as the catalysts by which architecture may become feral. The aim is to discover this new wilderness through the exploitation of the inherent weaknesses in architecture, specifically those the technologies upon which we increasingly depend. The scenario in which this plays out follows the story of the IBM Corporation’s new Manhattan headquarters for their Smarter Planet Advanced Research Facility. We enter the scenario as IBM is forced to grapple within its own internal systemic collapse. Ultimately, the thesis utilizes the deviant possibilities within modern technology to create a series of inter-connected micro-environments, unsavory byproducts of positivist progress, in which we find a new ambiguous techno-wilderness filled with architectural and human potential.

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