Personal Notification. Dear Client. Online Pharmacy

The following text is edited from an bizarrely encrypted junk email sent to my work address.  Various versions to follow, in the form of poems, narratives, or just gibber.




microscopic face

alwaysdown down, said, heart.

doing, the




and his in of there us sleeping his cigarettes while

to, Why rant, he wasaboy

said. Me.


on the sun then as ours

the All After

was fearful




to smoked Benefits of online pharmacy


smile would rocket into she

and and take stand Dad!

about to incredible rushing

the real as never into thickets



Mexico. California,


flyinglikeagirlbehindher,andshe. His, it.

around for her in find finding smile. cry.

would would they wouldholdhandsandwalkaroundthe. slowly,




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