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trundling along through the marshy hinterland, the train heaved to and fro leaving its vacant minded passengers to totter and tumble like so many rag dolls clutched in the hands of absent minded children.  looking about, the boy noted the tops of heads over high seat backs in an loose attempt at judging the contents of the metal tube he found himself in.  Bored by this he turned towards the window and watched the crumbling infrastructure whizz past in a faint blurry foreground and a slowly wheeling background.  large electrical pylons rose from tan and pitted concrete footings to loom light and dense into the clear blue sky.  wires crisscrossed haphazardly in every direction, seeming to be without purpose or direction.  they simply hung, thick and jointed, anchored here and there by massive and rusted turnbuckles.  newly vacated lots bore the signs of recent demolitions, clear pathways grazed over by mechanical behemoths devouring derelict shot towers and world-weary warehouses.  lost tires lingered in the shallow waters of the marsh, accompanied by an array of weathered pallets and an assortment of detritus so thick it made him wonder if the marsh was not rooted in soil but in the castings-off of the world about it.  a sifting shifting foundation of nothing in particular.

he looked up to the rim of sky to see floating aloft a trio of birds, perhaps predatory, circling in tight arcs to the south.  their wings were long and graceful as they traced the gentle vectors of their descent towards that unreal wetland.

a well-tended discussion

oh hi this is, but then to the never have

a fraction of printer mechanisms and

light tapping tipping of timid torrents

he leaned back and then; or

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