criminal aviaries

Sit we now

Under a half moon’s dawn

Left to pass the time under

the color of a

rusted sun.

The harsh wings of messengers beat the news

of unhobbled seas and iron-shod


Echoing their prayers into dust.

Through thin veneers of crows’ teeth,

the drift of an earthly grave,

Her minor cruelties make fragile mornings

While cities bear her immemorial ruin.


Harlequins dance on heated coals


of futures comes to pass

Red herrings elide with red mourners

Among those long-heralded and vicious paths.

We hold solemn stones to our knees and

steadily pray for the

singing stinging of the bees

among rows

of forgotten corn.

An emerald grows with dreams and wonders

of its ill-begotten nest

while an oak tree


As a leper refuses a meager rest.

While an eerie silence falls across a foggy noon,

The leper reaches a pallid claw

through the remains of day

sending shadows sailing

Over broken glass towards heaven’s maw.

Vultures wheel while

sparrows cry

fleet and fleeing from

Forlorn corners carved in the realm of


bitter biting birds.

Amputated of their untimely ends

Those that are left,

reel along Time’s celestial bends.

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