zero recollection

And we walked so calmly down a row clean and clear

lead to believe we would forever find consolation here.

Instead, we were dismayed to find our

destruction left by



a slight summary of our own foundering.


Driven by our lifelessness,



left to find only our memories

of a life we had

never known.


And we were not able to pull

our electric lives from the filth

we had so desperately created.


Our cards had read so


our future fates;

onely sign posts towards the feast –

the bonfire of

spoon-fed self-confidence.


Poisoned by our phantoms,

we were forever punished

by our revelries with

the agents.

The heart attacked machine

has led us all

from the castle

forwards marching

beyond the listless;

praise be to the captain’s chair,

left as fishermen



thinking less of the letters breaking doorknobs

and joking as they went.

We know the lame, rearranging the painful

and you

painful letters;

all lost amongst the dirt and grime.


Abraham left us only but the desire to flee.


Bleeding from the unclothed; we are on the run,


We found the king amongst a clump of

blue shoelaces,

easily tied into roads around our feet.


Daughters mothers gathered

from the sun

found themselves lost on a dusty highway.


Never had we felt so strongly amongst

the lost roads of a forgotten wilderness.


A finished sundown led us


unto the darkness.


The lightning struck shadows into our hearts

and left us creeping not to light,

flashing unarmed

gazing out into the blaze.


Unexpectedly we watched

the breath leave our lungs

and echoed over the loose leaves and lilting veils of the steam.

Tolling between the luckless outliers.


Crashing the wicked wonder,

we were lost amongst the thunder.


Condemned to drift

In bitter breezes that sing

a tarnished



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