what is gravity?

welcome back
    transformed the relationship to the city
in the halls of the museum of natural history
    (clapping, applause)
theories of everything
    overflow attendees to the event
the frontier of physics
    the perimeter institute
the early universe
    straighten us out
we’ll see where that lands
    jim gates.

come on out
    katie frieze
especially dark matter
    you look marvelous
asking for data on that
    while researching string theory
a vibrant conversation about that
    but also about the context of the universe
the dark energy regime
    as a kid i was an avid reader
and i think i’m really close
    how old were you when you first started thinking
    mathematically about the universe?

DFW called backbone
    this tremendous mystery.
he has never doubted that he could do it.
more practical aspects about
    black holes
they make a sound
    on my death bed
extra dimensions predate string theory
    “you know ‘black holes'”
we all know each other
    because i was a kid here
and then an architect
    to unify physics

and thats what lead me to be here.

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