the unacknowledged legislators of the world

cherubic desperation

in an encroaching, privatized

censorship regime

it’s so embarrassing,

an underground following

with no public.

what was the motivation there

if you’re a teenager

before there was public access

to explore the world with your mind

mystery explorers of the internet


is this a game?

their struggle was against

the state

international subversives

through links

he could walk around

like god almighty

operation weather

we’re still learning

so we could see

we had a back door

we had total control

i am the all-powerful

we’ve taken control

a difficult childhood

three years probation

do not like being judged

secrets that need to be discovered


why am i talking to you guys

at all?

a list of documents

you will help change history

CIA detainee interrogation interviews

thousands of reports

a lot of flags

i wanted to try living as a woman

the so-called war-logs

as a boy

not understanding what it means for us

there was a responsibility

to the needs of the many

its my job to play the role

i was cast in.

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