dream record #2

dreamed a sci fi dream last night, it went something like this:

i started in search of my brother. i was standing on this strangely sloped roof that had other sloped roofs intersecting it at weird angles and the ground was covered in round fist sized rocks.  there was a street that kind of carved through the roofs and the walls down to the street were perfectly straight and had no openings.  it was more of a path.  the sky was blue with little white clouds. all the people around [there were very few] we walking on the roofs. there were children 4 or 5 years old who were running on the edges everywhere and it was very very dangerous but the kids seemed not to notice and were doing just fine, very happy and capable.  somehow i fell down one of the steeper roofs and slid among the gravel but managed to stop myself just before a very long drop down to the concrete path below. i was rolling on my side when some kind of futuristic bike went rolling past out of control and someone yelled for me to get it.  so i grabbed it just before it went over the edge and was hanging there very precipitously. young kids were trying to tell me different ways to get out of my fix, but i kind of just rolled over to my right and flung the bike onto a nearby roof and hopped up without a problem.  i wish i could do that in reality.  
anyway, i jumped down a series of low roofs and asked where my brother was and they said he was with his girlfriend who was this young Indian girl.  somehow my brother and i were then standing in front of this god-like creature who stood on a platform overlooking a natural pool of water with a waterfall.  the platform was as smooth as stainless steel. my brother tries to walk up to confront him, they are talking about danger versus happiness, the godlike thing is saying that happiness can only come from safety, and he was saying something like danger makes us alive and sentient, and then he falls down on the platform and turns into some kind of seal or little polar bear, and then penguins come out and start poking him with beaks that are far too long, and they poke him and push him towards the edge and he falls off into water far below. so i run and jump in after him.  we emerge from the water that is full of hills of money, american bills, that form a beach and little mounds that come out of the water.  there are many other people in the water and we all agree to use the money to build something to escape, which somehow we do and we escape through a very narrow canyon.
i found myself sitting in front of this glowing white wall, with my legs out in front of me and i was very dazed and i was in a white room and people ran over and shot these two egg-sized balls of matte black glue at my legs and the stuck to my shins and then expanded really fast like black rubber and became heavy as cement, and then the black rubber covered me completely. next thing im in this tube that has wires and buttons and switches and valves all around me, sort of like an escape pod thats only big enough for one body to be lying down. maybe 14 inches clear space around my body, and i struggle to sit up and im fighting to sit up and i can only crane my neck to see over my feet and i see through into another identical tube and there is an old man in the same situation but there is someone’s hands reaching in through a hatch and they start hammering a screw in through the center of his neck and the camera of the dream swings up to his eyes and he looks like he was old and burned but he also looks familiar. fade to black.
next scene is an operating room similar to the one in prometheus, except im sitting on a chair that faces the floor, so my front is on the chair, like sitting reverse in a dentists chair. and the camera of the dream starts from my back right and zooms into my right shoulder blade, where there is someone working on this little piece of plastic that is now embedded in my skin.  it is a white rectangle with raised dividers and 12 small partitions probably about 1/4″ by 3/8″ each.  the squares are all slightly glowing red, but the technician is slowly touching each one, he or she starts at the top left and goes down each column and then moves to the next row, and each time he/she touches it with this white plastic stick, it turns from glow-y red to glow-y orange.  once she finishes them all, she goes back and touches them again and they all turn to green. she does this very slowly and the color seems to start at the tip of the tool and spread out, like a ripple from a drop of water.  each time she touches a square, the camera cuts to a close up of the colored part of my eye and you can see tiny splashes in those misty lines that make up your retina that are erasing the heterochromea portions and making everything much much lighter than it normally is. by the time the last little light is green my eyes have gone clear and i am catatonic.  
they forced catatonic happiness on me instead of letting me be alive in danger.  
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